About Us

Writing has always been a useful tool for us to manage our lives.

Taking the time to jot down our daily goals (and the means to achieve them), allows us to refine our approach to day-to-day activities. It equips us to make sense of the things we need to go through each day, and if needed, cut out the unnecessary steps that do not serve us.

Coming from our own personal experiences in the wedding industry, we realized that preparing for such a big milestone can be so overwhelming that it’s so easy to lose oneself in the nitty gritty details of planning. So much so that there are times wherein the best tools out there do little help when we forget why we do the things we do.

We created this purpose-driven planner to share with you our realization that the big day itself is as important as incorporating your whys in your planning process. Hopefully we can impart the joys of going back to simplified and purposeful wedding planning as you embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

We hope that as you write on the pages of this planner, we can help you cut through the noise and instead, relish the special little moments that make up life.


Aix & Tasha

Aix & Tasha shared valuable professional experiences in assisting many couples during their respective wedding planning. From finalising menus to ensuring a seamless on-the-day service, they gained an insider look at what couples really go through in the entire process, from engagement to being wed.

It was such a life-changing part of their individual careers that through their desire to share their learnings, as well as the lack of published Philippine-adapted wedding planners, Something Blue was born.


Our Partners

Something Blue would like to thank the following key Filipino wedding coordinators for sharing their unique and valuable experiences and knowledge in the creation of this wedding planner. 

Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila
Daryl Limjuco of Events Alchemy
Marge Montemayor of Events by Marge
Rhed Sarmiento of Rhed Sarmiento Event Planners and Coordinators